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Saturday, June 16, 2012

unexpected day and my lovely father's day

i've just signed in my twitter acc. . i felt dumb when i read somebody's tweet. why do i have to be teased such that way. i feel that if that somebody doesn't really pleased with me just act like one . u don't need to blame on each other's disability.. fine.... if the lose of it was because of me so what?????? i think u're the only one who didn't support school activity. Ya Allah tabahkanlah hatiku ini.... btw,

harini hari bapa kan? i'm not yet wish my dad yet. kinda wanna  make  surprise for that.. hmm... tapi apa2 pun.. selamat hari bapa untuk papa yang tercinta . tanpa papa musnahlah kehidupan along... happy father's day to u , dad.. love u whether in this world or hereafter.. amin... may Allah bless u and lighten your burden.. 

from your daughter,